We are in constant mode looking for volunteers and supporter. Now the new area of support needed is Our Kids Education Program. This program is runs by parents and volunteers like you. It is a Sunday Kids Bible Study Program runs every Sunday from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM. The program  is divide in to three age groups.

  • Group 1: Age 5 and under:
  • Group 2. 6-10 years ages
  • Group 3: 11-16  years age

Group 1: Age 5 and under: This group Bible Study is  offered in AMHARIC. At this time there are several kids who are learning the Bible and Amharic  language the same time. Before the regular class strats kids  will have snack. After each bible study kids will have free time for coloring and other activities as well as they will watch Bible related videos. If you want to volunteer please contact W/ro Metasebia , Ato Alex or Ato Afework 

 Group 2. 6-10 years ages. The bible study in this group is offered in English. Kids will have an opportunity to learn and participate. In this class settings students have an upper hand to participate and share ideas. Every Sunday the Bible Teacher will give them an assignment to read and study ad prepare to the following weeks. This group also needs Bible teachers, teacher helpers and coordinator. If you would like to involve in this program please contact  W/ro Metasebia , Ato Alex or Ato Afework .

Group 2. 12-16 years ages: This bible study is offered in English. The aim of this group is to create tomorrow’s leaders. This group has the most advanced kids and we are training them to be assistant teachers and teachers for group 1 and 2. Most of the students in this group are Kids Choir members. The program stars after the kids choir finishes. The kids will have free snack before the bible study starts. If you like to volunteer in this class please contact W/ro Metasebia

Also the kids bible study is looking for your support such as. pencil, sharpener, blank copy paper, contraction paper, glue, eraser, crayon,  pen and other educational materials. Please talk to the department if you are planning to make any donation


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